Surgical oncologist


Expert in gastrointestinal oncologic surgery and abdominal treatment by tumor excision and gastric lavage with heated chemotherapy (CRS+HIPEC).
Each year, Prof. Aviram performs hundreds of complex abdominal surgeries to treat cancerous tumors. He is considered an opinionated surgeon in the field of cancer surgery in Israel and around the world.


  • Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • 1999 – Specialized in General Surgery at Hadassah Mount Scopus, Jerusalem (Prof. Herbert Berti Freund).
  • 2001 – Specialization in oncologic surgery, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York.


  • Complex gastrointestinal surgeries
  • CRS+HIPEC operations
  • PIPAC (chemotherapy spray injection) surgeries
  • Operations for sarcoma and soft tissue tumors
  • Surgical treatment of stomach tumors
  • Complex operations of the colon and rectum

Clinical experience:

  • 2001-2010 – Senior Surgeon, Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital, Jerusalem. In this capacity, he performed many complex surgeries for abdominal and pelvic tumors.
  • 2010-2012 – Oncologist, Rabin Medical Center, Petah Tikva
  • 2013-2014 – Director of the Sernica Department of Hadassah Ein Kerem, Jerusalem.
  • 2015-present – Director of the Department of General Surgery and Oncology – Surgery C, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer Since 2007, he has been performing abdominal tumor resection (peritoneal) and hot chemotherapy infusion (HIPEC) surgeries.To date, Prof. Nissаn and his team have performed hundreds of HIPEC (CRS+HIPEC) surgeries in Israel many demonstration surgeries around the world and training surgical teams in this technique within the framework of the Sheba Peritoneal Surface Oncology School.

Academic experience:

  • Full professor of surgery, School of Medicine – gastrointestinal cancers. Prof. Nissen, in collaboration with Prof. Ayalon Yavin and Prof. Avery Rubinstein of Hebrew University’s School of Pharmacy, is developing a method for real-time detection of hidden abdominal metastases.
  • Professor Nissan and his department are considered a leading department of surgical education for students, trainees and interns.

Membership in professional associations:

  • President of the Israeli Society for Oncologic Surgery marketing – surgical tools.