Specialist in oncologic orthopedics and orthopedic surgery



  • Graduated from medical school at Ben Gurion University of the Negev.
  • He completed an internship in orthopedics at the Tel Aviv Medical Center.
  • Research year at the NIH’s National Cancer Center Washington DC.
  • Did a three-year residency in orthopedic oncology and complex joint endoprostheses in Toronto, Canada.
  • Partner in the development of innovative surgical technologies, including navigation, 3D, intelligent artificial intelligence algorithms.
  • Author of dozens of leading articles in the field
  • Long-time specialist in oncologic surgery, expert in orthopedic surgery for the past ten years, physician with more than 20 years of experience



  • Bone tumors,
  • Soft tissue tumors, bone metastases.
  • Bone cancer of connective tissue,


Membership in professional societies:

  • International Society of Limb Sparing (ISOLS) – 2019 faculty member.
  • Member of the Connective Tissue Oncology Society (CTOS).
  • Musculoskeletal Society of Tumour Surgery (MSTS).


Publications and articles:

  • More than 50 articles in leading international journals
  • 17 chapters in oncologic surgery textbooks
  • 90 presentations at international conferences