EMASMED is a partner of over 20 prestigious public and private clinics and medical centers in Israel. We work closely with more than 200 doctors, including world-renowned Israeli specialists. Among our partners are almost exclusively professors and department heads.

Our main area of ​​activity is the comprehensive organization of medical treatment trips to Israel. Additionally, we coordinate professional internships and training for medical personnel in clinics in Israel.

We are involved in

  • Medical tourism
  • Establishing specialized medical centers
  • Creating a cooperation model based on Group Practice
  • Establishing emergency medicine centers
  • Telemedicine
  • Home care
  • Collaboration with the best international research centers
  • Advanced training for medical staff, professional internships
  • Technological incubators for the development of the HIGH-TECH industry
  • IT solutions in medicine and startups

Our team

Elena Malt


Talia Płoszkowa

Director of the International Relations Department at EMAS

Marek Szczukowski

Director EMASMED Europe

Prof. Amos Katz

Medical Consultant

Rita Tager

Director EMASMED Israel

Prof. Aviram Nissan

Medical Consultant

Maksymilian Bronk


Oleksandr Roshchuk

Director EMASMED Ukrainie

tel. +380663313868

Olga Rassudihina

Center for Modern Technologies